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Pre-Event Park Prep (Youth Rodeo)

  • 06/21/2018
  • 06/22/2018


  • Sign up for activities.

Registration is closed

Please be sure to get training and support of a Board Member on the activities you sign up to perform.  This work is best done by multiple people.  Work must be completed by Thursday evening but some work can be done earlier in week if items are not used/moved after.  Two checklists for these activities will be on the clipboard in admin building.

Weekly Park Preparation Prior to Events

  • Facility Checks and Preparation
    • Trash bags placed in all cans. (wait until Thursday)
    • Put out extra trash cans for Buchleitner events.
    • Ensure requested items are placed in designated locations (barrels, obstacles, panels, sound equipment, pumps, hoses, electrical cords, etc)
    • Ensure ring has been left in the sealed fully open (no panels or chutes) conditioned. 
    • Ensure restrooms (including outhouses) and admin building are stocked, clean, and organized. (IF not clean notify Laura Wilson as this is a contracted service)
    • Ensure restrooms are unlocked and water is turned on.
    • Check septic level. (Report high level to Butch Lorant immediately)
    • Check for damages in barns, stands, buildings and camping areas especially after storms. (Alert Butch Lorant to any major issues, minor issues can go on repairs clipboard in admin building)
    • Ensure all stalls are stripped clean.
    • Unlock barns as required by renting show.
    • Count shavings in trailer and report quantity on clipboard (full skids are 45 each)
    • Put out stall tags and camping tags for event manager.
  • Equipment checks and Preparation
    • Ensure both tractors are fueled and have no signs of damage or malfunction.
    • Ensure all accessory equipment is fueled, showing no signs of damage or malfunction.
    • Ensure water tank is filled.
    • Ensure all accessory equipment is parked in the back asphalt lot and NOT in the warm up ring.
    • Check fuel tank level. If below 1/2 alert Tina Zanotto or Jamie Colder
    • Report any concerns with equipment to Jamie Colder/Bill Buchleitner immediately.
  • Thursday/Friday Youth Rodeo Prep (Pre-registration)
    • Tag stalls and place shavings in stalls for pre-registered participants. (List provided by Tina Zanotto or viewable in wildapricot app
    • Ensure registration table, printer, laptop etc are ready for Saturday morning.
    • Ensure start up money is ready. (see treasurer)

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