Fort Armstrong

horsemen's association

FAHA is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to expanding equestrian activities.  FAHA leases Crooked Creek Horse Park (CCHP) from Manor Township, Pennsylvania. 


467  Crooked Creek Dam Rd.  Ford City, PA  16226

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Fort Armstrong Horsemen's Association manages Crooked Creek Horse Park, McAninch Trail Head and approximately 30 miles of trails surrounding Crooked Creek Lake.  Please explore the separate facility pages.  If you have interest in hosting an event at the park, on the trails, or at the trail head please see our Event page for more information.

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President: (724) 859-5572

Fort Armstrong Horsemen's Association is a 501(c)4

Fort Armstrong Horsemen's Association Foundation is a 501(c)3 

Mail Address:
PO Box 124 

Apollo, PA 15613



467 Crooked Creek Dam Rd

Ford City, PA 16226

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