THE NEXT GENERAL MEETING IS April 13,2021  at the Park.  Please come out and see all the work that has been done over the winter.    

FAHA is seeking bids/ interest in several positions for the season.   FAHA would like to hire an individual or crew to clean stalls after events.  FAHA would like a per stall price since the number of stalls used each weekend varies.   The Stalls can be cleaned Monday through Wednesday.  FAHA will permit a qualified person to use its tractor.  Please contact Jamie Colder or respond to the FAHA email address of  

The Park is now open for the season.  Please make reservations for camping and stalls on the Calendar of Events.  For weekends that the park is rented please look to the renter's web site to arrange for camping or stalls during these events.  Days prior to the events and after the events can be reserved on  by going to Calendar of Events.  Please remember if you are going to the Park for the day,  there is a $5.00 rig fee.  This can be paid for on this web site as well by going to Calendar of Events.   Recent  construction at the Park includes replacing almost all the wooden bleachers with metal bleachers, reinforcing the floors of the bleachers where needed,  re-contouring and water are drainage around Barn 1, electrical repairs,  repairs to the pavilion by Barn 1  and a new roof on shower house and painting.    We are also getting limestone to complete the re-contouring and will use it for roads at the Park.  We are also purchasing and setting up a new security system for the Park, to include a series of cameras and monitoring equipment.     Maintenance is very expensive and we have spent a good bit of money over the winter to maintain  and improve the facilities.     Top soil, sand and millings are needed for the Park.  We can also use the services of boy scouts, 4 H Clubs,  or other organizations willing to donate time and help around the Park.  

FAHA  is also looking for a utility work vehicle for use at the park.  Anyone know of a good deal on a used one, please let Jamie Colder know.  

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