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FAHA is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to expanding equestrian activities.  FAHA leases Crooked Creek Horse Park (CCHP) from Manor Township, Pennsylvania. 


467  Crooked Creek Dam Rd.  Ford City, PA  16226

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McAninch Trail Head Camping

2020 Rates for McAninchTrail Head Camping/Use:

The McAninch Trail Head is almost 70 acres owned by Fort Armstrong Horsemen's Association lying in Burrell Twp. and Kittanning Twp.  The land exists near the end of the Covered Bridge Trail and is open to all riders wishing to use the trail system from this location.  The location currently has 6 electric hook up sites and a water tank for horse water.  There is no human water available.  Very easy to move around a large rig inside the property.  There are outdoor toilets on sight.  Directions are included in the below document.  Please adhere to the posted rules. (copy below)

This property is under lease with Western PA Eventing Association (WPEA)

More details to follow about use of the property

*During events hosted at the trail head, event rates will apply to all.

  Camping at CCHP is separate and rates can be found here.

**Campers may drive to the horse park to use the shower facilities assuming they have met all trail head rules and policies.

McAninch Rates and Rules.pdf

Directions to McAninch Trail Head.pdf

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467 Crooked Creek Dam Rd

Ford City, PA 16226

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