Crooked Creek Horse Park

The Covered Bridge Trail is and out and back style trail traversing through mostly wooded areas. Trail blazing is WHITE. Begin at the park entrance. Make a right onto Crooked Creek Dam road and immediate left onto Brown Hill Road. Ride the left hand berm. Make a right onto Kerr Road. Use caution on the bend as drivers cannot see you. The entrance into the woods will be on your right just past a driveway and quad trail. Once you enter the woods you will ride a nice ridge then take a switchback into a stream bed (Elbow Run). You will cross the stream numerous times here. You will take a steep hill out of Elbow Run that will be on the left side of the stream. The trail will wind through the woods for a period of time before exiting out onto Dam road. You will make a right onto Dam Road and follow it straight back into woods. Here you will ride a wide flat section through pine trees. This is a great area for a canter. The trail will make a sharp right down a hill to the covered bridge. Cross the Horney Run (no horses on bridge) and then up the hill. Part way up the hill you will reach the end of the Covered Bridge Trail at the junction of Lollipop trail and Slease Connector Trail. Slease Connector will take you through McAninch Trail Head. Note Slease Connector Trail is mostly all road with some traffic once your leave the Trail Head area. To return to the park you must go back the way you came unless you are making a very long loop (about 18 miles


NOTE: THIS TRAIL IS SUBJECT TO FLOODING IN ELBOW RUN DURING HIGH POOL STAGE. This trail consists of some road riding in minimum traffic areas. Roads are paved with berm or dirt and gravel. There are numerous small water crossings in Elbow Run and near the covered bridge. There are a few areas of muddy/boggy areas including one steep hill that can be muddy and slick depending on recent weather conditions. Most of the trail is single track in the woods. NO HORSES in MINES, STAY ON BLAZED TRAIL

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467 Crooked Creek Dam Road, Ford City, PA 16226

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