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FAHA is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to expanding equestrian activities.  FAHA leases Crooked Creek Horse Park (CCHP) from Manor Township, Pennsylvania. 


467  Crooked Creek Dam Rd.  Ford City, PA  16226

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  • 01/25/2017 11:52 AM | Tina Zanotto (Administrator)

    Continuing from posts 1 and 2 where existing members learned how to access their welcome email, reset their profile password, logon to their profile and edit their profile, we will now explore how to renew your membership.  We assume that you know how to log on and view your my profile screen from previous posts.  We are going to start at step 6 of the steps below.

    1. Receive the Welcome email.
    2. Click the link to request a password reset.
    3. Reset your password.
    4. Login to Your Profile
    5. Confirm your profile data and correct.
    6. Click the Renew button
    7. Select any changes on the renew application.
    8. Select your payment option
    9. Pay

    6. You are now ready to renew.  So lets click the renew button. (you must be logged in and in your my profile)

    You will be taken to the renew membership application.  Be sure to scroll down the entire page.  Follow the directions at the top of the page.

    Above you see the membership you are renewing.  (need to change a level of membership?  That is a different post, so hold on tight and come back later or contact for assistance.)

    Below is the bottom of the screen, trail map purchase and Mailed newsletter purchase are optional.  Acknowledgement of the Release waiver is required. (so is submitting it to us)  When your application is correct and meeting your needs hit Update and Next.

    8. Now you get to decide how you are going to pay.  You will be presented with a screen showing your total.  In this example I have a $35 family membership, I asked for $5 trail map, and I asked to have a $5 newsletter mailing.  Bringing my total to $45.  You have two options to pay.  Invoice me: button will be for those that rather mail in a check.  Pay online allows you to pay via paypal or credit card immediately.

    If you select Invoice Me, your membership will not be activated for 2017 until your payment is received and processed. 

    Under the blue box is your application, please be sure to check this before selecting the payment option to make sure your data is correct. 

    Confirm the data by scrolling down, sorry no screen shot of your profile data, you have seen the same thing a bunch of times in these blog posts, so I am sure you understand how to review it again.

    9.   I won’t demonstrate the invoice, if you are struggling with how to mail a check, well not sure I can help you there.  Just click the invoice me button.

    Lets discuss pay online.  When you click the pay online button you will get this screen.

    You have one of two options, log on with your paypal account and follow steps.  Or select the Pay with Debit or Credit Card.  Unfortunately this is the end of our demonstration as I just have no desire to $45 for a couple screen shots.  If you made it this far, I pretty sure you can figure out the rest.

  • 01/25/2017 11:30 AM | Tina Zanotto (Administrator)

    Continuing from post 1 of 3 where we learned how existing members can access their welcome email and reset their profile password.  We are now going to start at step 4. and continue through the process. NOTE: if you are not an existing member, you need to join to use any of this functionality. (Blog post on joining coming soon)

    1. Receive the Welcome email.
    2. Click the link to request a password reset.
    3. Reset your password.
    4. Login to Your Profile
    5. Confirm your profile data and correct.
    6. Click the Renew button
    7. Select any changes on the renew application.
    8. Select your payment option
    9. Pay

    4. Now we can login.  The login button is at the top of the screen. Click it.  NOTE the login button is at the top of every page in the website.

    You will be directed to the login in page where you will enter your email address and the password you just created.  Then click login.

    Accept the terms and click continue.

    You are now logged on and any pages restricted to members will be visible for you now.  We are still building many of these.  Now you want to check out your profile.  Click your name at the top of the screen.  NOTE: if your name is at the top you are logged in.  Login button at top of screen means you are not logged in.

    5. You will now be directed to your My Profile page.  This example is for a family membership.  An Individual membership screen will not have “Bundle Summary”.  Scroll down and check your information. We won’t go into all the fields right now or all the different tabs at the top. We will leave that for future blogs.  (Remember, lots of functionality is available) 

    Everything look good?  Great!  Something need changed?  Hit the Edit profile button at the top.  NOTE:  If you are ready to renew your membership, you will have an opportunity to correct your data during renewal, so you can skip this step if you like.

    Change the fields that are wrong and click save. Then proceed to blog 3 of 3 for how to renew your account if you are ready.

  • 01/25/2017 11:11 AM | Tina Zanotto (Administrator)


    Our WEBSITE WEDNESDAYS blog posts will be focused on teaching you a new tip or trick for using the website or member management options.  There is a ton of functionality for use on this service and initially it may seem a bit confusing and overwhelming.  It took me a few days during the building of the site to understand its workings and I am still discovering new functions.   So without further delay, let us explore today’s topic.

    So you seen the announcements or heard rumblings about the new website and online membership but are not sure how get into the system and renew your membership for 2017.  Let’s break it down into the key steps.  We are going to divide the steps into three blog posts.

    1.      Receive the Welcome email.

    2.      Click the link to request a password reset.

    3.      Reset your password.

    4.      Login to Your Profile

    5.      Confirm your profile data and correct.

    6.      Click the Renew button

    7.      Select any changes on the renew application.

    8.      Select your payment option

    9.      Pay

    1.  Receive the Welcome Email

    The welcome email went out to all existing 2016 members on January 24th.  So just open that and …..wait, what?  You didn’t get an email?  Sigh, well yes that is very possible.  About 25% of our memberships have not given us an email to use.  Another 10% are not valid email addresses.  So if you fall into one of these buckets, first step is to email Tina Zanotto at with the email address you would like to use or to confirm your situation.

    Another reason you might not be getting your email is from it being blocked as spam.  Add to your safe list.  Don’t know how to do that?  This page shows you the steps for some common email platforms.  Notify Tina, and she will resend your welcome email.

    2. Ok, lets assume you now have the welcome email.  Read the entire email, because it provides you some basic guidance.  Then click the link. 

    This will take you to reset password page where you will enter your email address and the code in the box to make sure you are a real human.  Click the submit button.

    3. Now you will get another system email to reset your password.  Click the link to go to the password reset page. 

    Enter your desired password, click the set as new password and you are done.  Write it down!  If you forget it, you will be going through reset again in the future.  You can now go to blog post 2 of 3 to learn how to log in to your profile. You won't have to go through these steps again, unless you forget your password.

  • 01/21/2017 7:45 PM | Tina Zanotto (Administrator)

    New Website

    New Online Membership Tool

    New Member Perks

    So much to talk about, stay tuned more blog posts soon.

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