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FAHA is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to expanding equestrian activities.  FAHA leases Crooked Creek Horse Park (CCHP) from Manor Township, Pennsylvania. 


467  Crooked Creek Dam Rd.  Ford City, PA  16226

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Happy 2018 from Fort Armstrong Horsemen’s Association

01/01/2018 9:00 AM | Tina Zanotto (Administrator)

As the new board and officers begin their work for the year, I want to include our membership in all of the wonderful events and potential changes we have in store for our equine families.   In my past few years as a member and board member, the organization has been working towards positive changes for its members and the park; we hope to continue this trend.

The first step is updating our website and providing more detailed information to our members.  I want our members to be able to find out all of the important information and events going on at the park.  In addition to email and snail mail of meeting minutes and newsletters, you as a member can find this information located on our members only section.  In addition, you will also find our committee listing and contact information so you can reach out to the appropriate board or officers about events, volunteer work or to ask questions.  The website should be your resource to all things happening at the horse park.

The second step is to work on funding and renovations.  Over the past few years the organization has earned grants and worked with groups to make wonderful improvements to the horse park.  I hope to continue this effort and revitalize the trails, that so many love to use.  With the help of the board, there will be a planning committee to focus fundraising and budgeting to upgrade necessary structures.   Although the park is running well and looks great, there are major projects that need renovated, replaced or updated.  So my financial goal in 2018 is to raise funds to help start these projects and continue to offer a fantastic equine facility to all of our members and guests.

The third step is to bring more people out to the park to enjoy its facilities and participate in the decisions moving forward.   The organization has had some wonderful events this past year, like our first annual Sasquatch hunt and Tack Auction or the continued annual Fall for Animals and Fort Armstrong Championship Rodeo.  These events are for the community and equine lovers alike and offer fun for all ages.  The organization monthly meetings are open for all to attend, participate and learn about the events at the park.  I look forward to seeing you there.


Laura Wilson
2018 FAHA President

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467 Crooked Creek Dam Rd

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