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FAHA is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to expanding equestrian activities.  FAHA leases Crooked Creek Horse Park (CCHP) from Manor Township, Pennsylvania. 


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Volunteers Needed for Fort Armstrong Championship Rodeo

06/03/2017 9:44 AM | Tina Zanotto (Administrator)

We are in need of Volunteers in the following areas:

Sign and Flyer Placement: Signs and flyers need to be placed far and wide.  Consider picking up a few at the June meeting or when at the club house on the weekend to post.  Please be cautious and only place signs in locations where it is permitted by local laws. 

Parking:  Volunteers are needed Friday and Saturday to assist with parking participants and spectators.  Ages 16 and over with good team work skills and a mind for safety and customer satisifaction.  Non-profit organizations such as local clubs, fire departments, etc that would like to lend resources to parking will gain a small monetary donation for their organization in exchange for assistance with park.

Trail Ride Drag Rider(s):  We need one or two dependable drag riders for the Saturday morning trail ride.  Must have sound and sensible mount capable of covering the covered bridge trail and back.  Experience with the trail a plus, as well as a patient horse willing to stay back with slower riders or those experiencing problems.  Its your job to tail everyone and make sure they return to the park.

Concession Stand Helpers:  Friday and Saturday night assistance to the concession stand during busy times.  

Vendor booth sales:  Assist in sales at T-Shirt table or other areas Friday and Saturday night. (exact needs to be determined)

Park Prep: As needed week prior to Rodeo assisting with setting up, clean up, etc.  

All those interested should contact Tina Zanotto at, Please reference Rode Volunteer in the subject line.  Or call/text 724-331-4430 (please leave a message, I do not answer unknown numbers)

The Rodeo does not happen without volunteers.  If you appreciate this yearly event in the community, please consider helping out.

NOTE: We cannot guarantee those volunteering on Rodeo night will be able to watch the Rodeo.  If you have a strong desire to watch the Rodeo, consider volunteering one night and watching the other.  We will release you during slow times or when your work is done to watch the show. 

All volunteers will need to sign a Hold Harmless Release Waiver

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